Ghost Stories

     Aiken, Joan. The Haunting of Lamb House.  In this novel, “three separate tales are related, loosely connected by the fact that the characters in each lived, at some time, in Lamb House.”

     Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity’s Death.  Lori thought Aunt Dimity was just a character in a family bedtime story until a law firm summoned her to a reading of her relative’s last will and testament.  Lori will inherit a sizeable estate–if she can discover the secret hidden in a treasure trove of letters tucked away at Dimity’s English country cottage.

     Asimov, Isaac, ed. Young Ghosts.  Includes twelve tales involving young ghosts by a variety of authors.

     Austen, Jane. Northanger Abbey.  It is the story of seventeen-year-old Catherine Morland, a passionate and headstrong young woman with a fondness for Gothic novels. Away from home for the first time to guide her, Catherine finds herself suddenly thrown into the adult world—a world bristling with possible intrigue, romance, and suspense.

     Beagle, Peter S. A Fine and Private Place.  This timeless classic of a romance between two ghosts who must fight to remain cognizant of what life and love once were–and still are–is a love story that transcends all love stories and a ghost story that transcends all ghost stories.

     Berg, Elizabeth. Range of Motion.   As Jay Berman lies for weeks in a coma, his young wife Lainey holds vigil. She is sustained by two very special women, Alice and the spirit Evie, each of whom teaches her about the enduring bond of friendship and the genuine power of love.

     Duncan, Lois. Night Terrors.  A master of the thriller, knows what makes for great suspense writing. And her extraordinary selection of short stories, featuring 11 all-new tales by a first-class crew of young adult writers, is full of chills, surprises, and terrors–all the stuff that the most frightening nightmares are made of.

     Hawkes, Judith. Julian’s House.  Newly wed parapsychologists David and Sally are not afraid to move into a haunted house, until they find that there is no safe place in the house–especially not in each other’s arms.

     Herbert, James. The Magic Cottage.  Midge and Mike (she’s an artist and children’s book writer; he’s a rock musician) who buy an idyllic country home, christened Gramarye (“magic” in old English) by a former owner. Gradually they find that Gramarye is the focus of supernatural energies, and that they themselves are sometimes the media through which these energies work. From Publisher’s Weekly

     Hoffman, Alice. Turtle Moon.  Verity, home to more divorced women from New York than any other town in Florida, is where Lucy moves with her son Keith to get away from her ex. But when Keith runs off with a baby, after the child’s mother is murdered, the stage is set for mayhem, thrills, and unexpected romance.

     Jackson, Shirley. The Haunting of Hill House.  The four visitors at Hill House– some there for knowledge, others for adventure– are unaware that the old mansion will soon choose one of them to make its own.

     James, Henry. The Turn of the ScrewA governess arrives at an isolated English mansion to care for two seemingly angelic but rather strange young children, and the appearance of two evil phantoms leads her to question her sanity.

     Lurie, Alison. Women and Ghosts. In these nine utterly delightful tales, Alison Lurie, one of America’s wittiest and most literate novelists, writes of women haunted by ghosts both literal and metaphorical. An irresistible blend of realism, satire, and fantasy, each story is amusing, lightly spooky, and entirely satisfying.

     Marius, Richard C. After the WarThe powerful story of a young European who arrives in a small Tennessee town at the end of the Great War.  Gradually, he is drawn into the life of the town and, as a long-enduring conflict precipitates new and accelerating violence, is woven so tightly into the town’s fabric that he will never leave.

     McCullough, Colleen.  Ladies of Missalonghi.   Sometimes fairy tales can come true-even for plain, shy spinsters like Missy Wright. Neither as pretty as cousin Alicianor as domineering as mother Drusilla, she seems doomed to a quiet life of near poverty at Missalonghi, her family’s pitifully small homestead in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

     Michaels, Barbara.  Ammie Come Home.  For the guests at Ruth Bennet’s fashionable Georgetwon home, the seance was just a playful diversion . . .until Ruth’s niece Sara spoke in a deep guttural voice not her own . . . and the game became frighteningly real.

     Morrison, Toni. Beloved.  In this novel set in Ohio after the end of the Civil War, Sethe, who eighteen years earlier had fled from slavery on a Kentucky plantation, is haunted by the spirit of Beloved, the two-year-old daughter she had killed when threatened with recapture.

     Poe, Edgar Allen.  Fall of the House of Usher.  A visitor to a gloomy mansion finds a childhood friend dying under the spell of a family curse.

     Rice, Anne.  TaltosThe lone member of an ancient species called the Taltos believes he is the last of his kind. When he hears rumors that another Taltos has been seen, he is propelled into the world of the Mayfair witches, a New Orleans dynasty besieged by ghosts, spirits, & their own dizzying powers.

     Smith, Thorne. Topper.  It all begins when Cosmo Topper, a law-abiding, mild-mannered bank manager, decides to buy a secondhand car, only to find it haunted by the ghosts of its previous owners – the reckless, feckless, frivolous couple who met their untimely demise when the car careened into an oak tree.

     Stewart, Mary. Rose CottageA tiny thatched dwelling in an idyllic English country setting would appear the picture of tranquility to any passerby. But when Kate Herrick returns to her childhood home she uncovers a web of intrigue as tangled as the rambling roses in its garden.

     Straub, Peter. Ghost Story.  For four aging men in the terror-stricken town of Milburn, New York, an act inadvertently carried out in their youth has come back to haunt them. Now they are about to learn what happens to those who believe they can bury the past — and get away with murder.

     Tan, Amy. The Hundred Secret Senses.   Years after her Chinese half-sister assails her with ghost stories set in the mysterious world of Yin, a young woman finds herself in China, looking for a way to reconcile the ghosts of her past with the dreams of her future.

     Whitney, Phyllis. DominoLaurie Morgan’s life in New York is haunted by childhood memories she can never quite name. But when her grandmother summons her back to Jasper, Colorado, she finds that the past is very much alive. Laurie soon discovers that voices from the past whisper secrets of hidden tragedies.

     Wilde, Oscar.  Picture of Dorian Gray. An exquisitely beautiful young man in Victorian England retains his youthful and innocent appearance over the years while his portrait reflects both his age and evil soul as he pursues a life of decadence and corruption.

     Woods, Stuart. Under the Lake.  A fascinating cast of characters comes together in a remote Georgia town: a burnt-out reporter, a passionate young woman from an outcast family, a lawman guilty of crimes of his own, and a ruthless power-broker with no respect for human life. A web of lies, obsessions and dark deceit draws them toward a chilling confrontation with the truth Under the Lake.