Alcock, Vivien, The Mysterious Mr. Ross.Bennett, Jay, Skeleton Man.

Bloor, Edward, Tangerine.Brooks, Kevin, Lucas, Kissing the Rain.

Cookson, Catherine, Lanky Jones.Cooley, Beth, Ostrich Eye.

Cooney, Caroline, Wanted! The Terrorist, The Stranger, The Face on the Milk Carton, The Voice on the Radio, Whatever Happened to Janie? What Janie Found.Cormier, Robert, In the Middle of the Night. The Rag and Bone Shop.

Cray, Jordan, Shiver.Crew, Gary, Strange Objects.

Dixon, Franklin, The Hardy Boys Casefiles.Donnelly, Jennifer, A Northern Light.

Duncan, Lois, I Know What You Did Last Summer,  Don’t Look Behind You, They Never Came Home.Flinn, Alex, Nothing to Lose.

Garfield, Leon, The December Rose.Golden, Christopher, Soul Survivor, Skin Deep.

Goldman, EM, Getting Lincoln’s Goat.Gorman, Carol, Chelsey and the Green-Haired Kid.

Guy, Rosa, And I Heard a Bird Sing.Haddix, Margaret Peterson, Running Out of Time.

Hall, Lynn, Murder in a Pig’s Eye, A Killing Freeze.Hamilton, Virginia, The House of Dies Drear.

Hobbs, Will, Ghost Canoe.Horowitz, Anthony, Stormbreaker, Point Blank.

Kerr, ME, Fell Back.Kidd, Ronald, Second Fiddle.

Littke, Lael, Lake of Secrets.Konigsburg, EL, Silent to the Bone.

MacGregor, Rob, Prophecy Rock.McNamee, Graham, Acceleration.

Nixon, Joan Lowery, The Trap, Shadowmaker, Nightmare, Spirit Seeke,. Playing for Keeps,Nobody’s There, Murdered, My Sweet.Peretti, Frank, Hangman’s Curse, Nightmare Academy.

Plum-Ucci, Carol, The Body of Christopher Creed, The She.Pullman, Philip, Shadow in the North, The Ruby in the Smoke, The Tiger in the Well, The White Mercedes.

Roberts, Willo Davis, Rebel.Sleator, William, The Boy Who Couldn’t Die.

Werlin, Nancy, Black Mirror.Williams, Maiya, The Golden Hour.

Located In Juvenile Fiction:

Bunting, Eve, Spying on Miss Muller.

Dowell, Frances O’Roarke, Dovey Coe.Hayes, Daniel, The Trouble With Lemons.

Mazzio, Joann, The One Who Came Back.Raskin, Ellen, The Westing Game.

Von Draanen, Wendelin,  Sammy Keyes Mysteries.