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Christmas Fiction

Adamson, Lydia.  A Cat Under the Mistletoe. Alice Nestleton – a professional actress whose day job is cat-sitting – has solved a dozen fiendishly feline-based crimes since her series began. It is a few weeks before Christmas, and Alice has a new client, a lovely tortoiseshell cat named Roberta. – From the Publisher


Aldrich, Bess Streeter. Journey into Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas emerges in these stories about reunited families, good fellowship, and restored faith. – From the Publisher


Binchy, Maeve. This Year It Will Be Different. Instead of nostalgia, Binchy evokes contemporary life; instead of Christmas homilies, she offers truth; and instead of sugarplums, she brings us the nourishment of holidays that precipitate change, growth, and new beginnings. – From the Publisher


Bishop, Jim. The Day Christ Was Born. Bishop renews our sense of wonder about the “greatest story ever told” as he vividly chronicles the events leading up to the two days that encompass the birth and death of Jesus. – From the Publisher


Bledsoe, Jerry.  The Angel Doll: a Christmas Story. If even a small part of a child still lives within your heart, “The Angel Doll” can’t help but captivate. It is a timeless, deeply moving Christmas classic about the greatest gift of all: the lesson of love.  – From the Publisher


Brown, Sandra. Tidings of Great Joy. Ria Lavender is the last woman in the world to be swept away by a smooth line and a seductive smile. Talented, sophisticated, and determined, she’s carved out a place for herself in the most prestigious architectural firm in the city. And she’s just beginning to savor the fruits of her success when she meets a man who will change everything. – From the Publisher


Capote, Truman. One Christmas. In the poignant reminiscence “One Christmas,” six-year-old Buddy journeys to New Orleans for a reunion with his estranged father that shatters many illusions.


Clark, Mary Higgins. Silent Night.  Christmas Eve suspense, with a terrifying premise: while watching a street musician near Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree, a boy sees a strange woman steal his mother’s wallet, which contains not just money but irreplaceable family mementos. Without telling his mother, he follows the thief onto the subway and into a journey that will change his life, as well as his mother’s and the thief’s, forever. – The Reader’s Catalog


D’Amato, Barbara. Hard Christmas.  Journalist-turned-sleuth Cat Marsala finds dirty dealings on the DeGraaf Christmas tree farm. Could the family closet be rife with skeletons? When a fresh corpse turns up, Cat’s sure of it.


Davies, Valentine. Miracle On 34th Street.  The lives of three people are changed by an old man who insists that he is Santa Claus.


Dickens, Charles.  A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is a man who thinks Christmas is “humbug”; he learns, through a series of ghostly visitations, the true value of charity, good humor, and love.


Evans, Richard Paul. The Christmas Box. This inspiring holiday tale tells the touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her, and the ways in which they discover together the first gift of Christmas and what the holiday is really all about. – Barnes and Noble


Graham, Heather.  Magical Christmas. Tells the riveting story of one family’s desperate search for meaning in their lives, the discovery of the healing power of love, and the true spirit of the holiday season. –Publisher’s Weekly


Greeley, Andrew M. Star Bright! It’s beginning to look a lot like an American Christmas: irritable, unpleasant relatives; horrible weather, miserable travel; a slobbering dog – and one Jack Flanigan who invites Tatiana home for the holidays. – From the Publisher


Haley, Alex.  Different Kind of Christmas.  This is the story of Fletcher Randall, a nineteen-year-old from North Carolina whose politically powerful father is a plantation owner, and, of course, a slave owner. “But Fletcher goes to school up North, and he conspires to aid in a mass escape of slaves on the Underground Railroad. Christmas Eve is the secret date set for the escape. – Book Jacket


Hamner, Earl. The Homecoming; a Novel About Spencer’s Mountain.  This is the warm and wonderful Christmas tale from Spencer’s Mountain.


Hijuelos, Oscar.  Mr. Ives’ Christmas.  For Edward Ives, a graphic artist employed by a Madison Avenue advertising firm, Christmas has always been an emotionally charged holiday. It was during the Christmas season that Edward’s foster father first visited him at the foundling home, and at Christmas a few years later Edward was finally adopted. Ives met his wife at an art students’ Christmas Party, and–most importantly–it was during the 1967 Christmas season that Ives’s 17-year-old son was senselessly gunned down as he left choir practice. Ives has never fully recovered from the killing, and his unshakable depression threatens to destroy his marriage, as does his strange obsession with rehabilitating the murderer.” –Library Journal


Holmes, Marjorie. Two from Galilee.  Mary is portrayed as a lovely young woman just emerged from girlhood, and Joseph as a smitten, hardworking carpenter – both of them deeply in love, joyously betrothed, and preparing for their wedding and new home. – From the Publisher


McBain, Ed. And all Through the House.   All’s quiet at the 87th Precinct on Christmas Eve . . . until Steve Carella’s fellow detectives appear with a kid who’s stolen a sheep, a robber with a bagful of gold, two guys fighting over a sack of frankincense, and a young couple who give birth to a baby boy at midnight!


Michaels, Fern et al. A Joyous Season. Four holiday hits from four of the romance genre’s favorite authors! “Merry, Merry” by Fern Michaels features veterinarian who figures her holidays are going to the dogs–until she meets a handsome stranger. – From the Publisher


Paterson, Katherine.  A Midnight Clear. Each Christmas, Katherine Paterson wrote a story for her pastor husband’s congregation to illuminate the true meaning of the holiday season. The twelve included here present a vision of hope and peace harking back to that first Christmas over two thousand years ago. – From the Publisher


Pearson, Carol Lynn.  A Stranger for Christmas.  “Call your children. Ask them if they’ll take in a little old lady who needs a family for Christmas. Go on, call them.”  With this challenge, the heartwarming story of A Stranger for Christmas unfolds. – From the Publisher.


Read, Miss. Miss Read’s Christmas Tales.   In Village Christmas, the elderly Waters sisters view a new family with suspicion until unexpected events work their holiday magic; in The Christmas Mouse, Mrs. Berry is awakened by two unexpected intruders: a mouse and a bedraggled runaway boy. – Barnes and Noble


Salamon, Julie. Christmas Tree.  At Christmas time, a nun agrees to donate to Rockefeller Center a fir tree, her oldest friend from the time she arrived at her convent as a young orphan.


Smith, Lee. The Christmas Letters. This heartwarming story of three generations of Christmas letter writers is about family tradition, family love, family strength – the perfect story to give at Christmas, and to read yourself. – From the Publisher


Steel, Danielle. Ghost.  On Christmas Eve, a lawyer whose life is shambles encounters the ghost of a beautiful young woman in the lakeside mansion he has rented. – Library Journal


Van Dyke, Henry. The Story of the Other Wise Man.  Because he is helping others, a fourth Wise Man delays journeying with the other Magi to see the newborn Jesus, but thirty-three years later he has an unusual opportunity to meet his Savior.