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Franklin Library Genealogy Resources

This is a guide to some basic genealogy resources that relate to Heard County.  They are located in the Special Collections and Reference Section of the Heard County Public Library in Franklin.


Birth Records

The Heard County Health Department has Heard County birth records (from 1919 to the present).  If you are looking for the names of someone’s parents, you may want to also look in the Census for the years when the person was a child.



Heard County, Georgia Cemeteries (1977)

SP 929.57588422 HEARD

Cemeteries of Heard County, Georgia 1977-1999: Volume 1

SP 929.5758422 HEARD V.1



Heard County 1840-1980

On microfilm

Heard County Census 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920


Heard County Census 1840, 1850

SP 929.3758 422 EIGHT

Other Counties or Dates

Search the Ancestry database for all U.S. census records from 1790 to 1930.

1890 Census records were lost in a fire; no library has them.

Census records for 1940 will not be available until 2012, for privacy reasons. Census records for 1950 will be made available in 2022, and so on.


Church Histories

The Bishop of Heard County: The Story of J.C. Adams, Georgia Circuit Rider




The clerk of court at the Heard County courthouse has more deed books and their indexes.

Heard County, Georgia Deed Book REF 929.3758 422 TURNE

Book 1, 1894-1898

Book 2, 1894-1901


Family Histories

Family histories are shelved at SP 929.2, alphabetical by family name.


Local Histories

History of Heard County, Georgia, 1830 – 1990

REF 975.8422 HISTO

Heard County, Georgia: a History of Its People (1980)

REF 975.842 ELLER

Heard Heritage (1976)

SP 929.3758 422 HEARD

A Short History of Heard County (1958)

SP 975.842 BONNE

Heard County Lions Club, 1938-1976

SP 367.975 HEARD

Educational Survey of Heard County (1917)

SP 929.3758 422 EDUCA

Chattahoochee River Stories: In Heard County (2004)

REF 975.8422 HEARD

Oracle of the Ages: Reflections on the Curious Life of Fortune Teller Mayhayley Lancaster (2001)



Marriage Records

Georgia, Heard County Marriages (2003)

SP 929.3578 422 TURNE V.1

SP 929.3578 422 TURNE V.2

The Probate Court at the Heard County Courthouse has more marriage and divorce records.



Georgia in the War, 1861-1865: A Compendium of Georgia Participants

SP 973.7458 JON

Georgia’s Confederate Soldiers

929.3758 GEORG

Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865: Index

REF 973.7 ROS

Search the Ancestry database for other military records, especially World War I draft cards and Civil War records.



News & Banner 1899 – 1982, Nov. 1986 – present

On microfilm

More recent years in paper

The Beacon

Last 5 years including the current year

In paper


Telephone and Address Directories

Hill-Donnelly Cross Reference Directory Carrollton-Newnan-Lagrange, Georgia and Vicinity 2000, 2002-2006

REF 975.839 HILL



Heard High School Annuals (HEHIAN)

1957 – 1961, 1969 – 1971, 1994

Ephesus Yellowjacket Yearbook 1987

SP 975.8422 EPHES


For more yearbooks, check with the library or media center at the particular school.