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Tallapoosa Library Genealogy Resources


This is a guide to some basic genealogy resources that relate to Haralson County.  They are located in Special Collections at the Tallapoosa Public Library.


Birth Records

The Haralson County Health Department has Haralson County birth records (from 1919 to the present).  If you are looking for the names of someone’s parents, you may want to also look in the Census for the years when the person was a child.



Haralson County, Georgia Cemeteries (2004)

SP 929.575838 HARAL



The U.S. Census for Haralson County is available on microfilm from 1860 to 1930.

The 1930 census for all counties in Georgia is also available on microfilm, at:


On the library computers you can search the Ancestry database, which has all of the U.S. censuses, including the 1890 census fragment (most of that census was destroyed in a fire).

Census records for 1940 will not be available until 2012, for privacy reasons. Census records for 1950 will be made available in 2022, and so on.


Family Histories

Family histories are shelved at 929.2, alphabetically by family name.


Local Histories


The First One Hundred Years (1996)

SP 975.838 GREEN

To Be Continued: A Pictorial History of Tallapoosa, Georgia (1999)

REF 975.838 TALLA

No More Storms A-Comin’ (1995)


Growing Up in Tallapoosa, GA (2001)


Haralson County

Haralson County, Georgia: A History (1994)

SP 975.838 HARAL

Haralson County History Book (1983)

SP 975.838 HARAL

Haralson’s Heritage (1995)

SP 975.838 WILBU

Haralson County, GA : a Resource Guide for the Teaching of Social Studies in Haralson County, GA (1991)

SP 975.838 WILBU



Some Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of Tallapoosa are available on microfilm at the library.

All Sanborn maps of Tallapoosa are available through the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map database.  This database is available on the library computers through GALILEO.  Sanborn maps were made of Tallapoosa in 1888, 1890, 1895, 1903, 1909 and 1914.


Marriage Records

Haralson County, Georgia, Marriage Records 1856-1940

SP 929.375838 HARAL

The Probate Court at the Haralson County Courthouse has more marriage and divorce records.



Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865: Index

SP 929.3758 ROSTE

Georgia in the War, 1861-1865: a Compendium of Georgia Participants

SP 973.7458 JON

You can also search for military records, especially Civil War records and World War I draft cards, in the Ancestry database on the library’s computers.



The library has the Tallapoosa Journal and its precursors on microfilm back to 1884.



For yearbooks, check with the library or media center at the particular school.