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Buchanan Library Genealogy Resources

This is a guide to some basic genealogy resources that relate to Haralson County.  They are located in Special Collections at the Buchanan-Haralson Public Library.


Birth Records

The Haralson County Health Department has Haralson County birth records (from 1919 to the present).  If you are looking for the names of someone’s parents, you may want to also look in the Census for the years when the person was a child.



Haralson County, Georgia Cemeteries (2004)

SP 929.575838 HARAL



On the library computers you can search the Ancestry database, which has all of the U.S. censuses, including the 1890 census fragment (most of that census was destroyed in a fire).  HeritageQuest, which is also available on the library computers, also has census records.


Census records for 1940 will not be available until 2012, for privacy reasons. Census records for 1950 will be made available in 2022, and so on.


Family Histories

Family histories are shelved alphabetically by family name at SP 929.2.


Local Histories

Towns in Haralson County

Bremen, Georgia 100 years, 1883-1983

SP 975.838 BREME


The First One Hundred Years [Tallapoosa]

SP 975.838 GREEN


No More Storms A-Comin’ [Tallapoosa]


Haralson County

Haralson County, Georgia: A History (1994)

SP 929.3758 NEWMA


Haralson County History Book (1983)

SP 975.838 HARAL


Carroll and Haralson Counties in Vintage Postcards

SP 975.839 WIGGI


Haralson’s Heritage (1995)

SP 975.838 WILBU


Marriage Records

Haralson County, Georgia, Marriage Records 1856-1940

SP 929.375838 HARAL


Applications for Haralson County Marriage Licenses (on CD).


Call the library to check if it is available yet.


The Probate Court at the Haralson County Courthouse has more marriage and divorce records.



Brief History of the Thirtieth Georgia Regiment [Civil War]

SP 975.8 ADAMS

Red Clay to Richmond: Trail of the Georgia 35th Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. [Civil War]

SP 973.7 FOX

You can also search for military records, especially Civil War records and World War I draft cards, in the Ancestry database on the library’s computers.



Paper copies of the following papers are available at the library.  Complete years are not available for many years.  For some years of the years listed, only one newspaper issue from that year has been saved.  Please call the library to check to see if they have a particular date.

Newspaper Archive (provided by historical society)

Banner Messenger 1900, 1974-1975

Bremen Gateway 1925-1927, 1934, 1936-1937, 1939, 1941-1945, 1956, 1961-1963,

1965-1970, 1974, 1976, 1980

Haralson Beacon Gateway 1986-1995

Haralson County Tribune 1921-1925, 1927-1979, 1981-1983

Tallapoosa Journal 1993-1995

The Tribune 1900-1903, 1906-1920

Times-Advertiser 1983


Telephone and Address Directories

Polk’s Bremen, Tallapoosa, Buchanan City Directory

1964, 1967



Buchanan Elementary School 1970

Buchanan High School 1954, 1956

Buchanan Middle and Primary School 1987

Haralson County High School 1970-1974, 1977-1978, 1980-1981, 1983-1991

West Haralson Elementary School 2000

For more yearbooks, check with the library or media center at the particular school.