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Cloud Library

Cloud Library is our main e-collection. It contains over 6,000 e-books and e-audiobooks. This collection is updated monthly, and is available for anyone with a library card that starts with 21057 and your library PIN (click here to reset your PIN). Apps are available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire (later versions only), Windows, and more!

To get started, go to yourcloudlibrary.com and follow the instructions on the page. You can pick your mobile device from the list on the left or find our library from the local library dropdowns to access the catalog online. Remember that when you are looking through the list of libraries, you want West Georgia Regional Library,not the specific member library you go to most often.

If you have any questions about Cloud Library, contact your local branch, read our FAQ, or call Melissa at 770.836.6711.

eBooks_try-it-now_animated_buttonEBSCO eBooks


To access this collection, you will need the GALILEO password. You can get the password by stopping by the library, calling your local branch, or by logging in with your PINES account at gapines.org. Once inside, you can search for EBSCO eBooks in the list of provided databases. Once inside the database, you can browse titles, search by subjects, and read online.

Additionally, EBSCO eBooks has an app so you can take your reading on the go. Instructions on how to download and set up the app can be found here.

If you have any questions about EBSCO eBooks, contact your local branch or call Mack at 770.836.6711.

Click here to view the K-8 Collection only.


TumbleBooks Library is a collection of over 1,000 e-books and e-audiobooks for children ages 2-10. This collection contains favorite characters and authors for children of all ages. It has readalong storybooks that highlight the words as it reads your child a story, creating an interactive environment for early readers. It also has e-books and graphic novels for older, more independent readers.

Additionally, it has nonfiction videos, e-books in Spanish and French, math stories, and much more! Check it out today by visiting wgrl.net/tumble.

If you have any questions about TumbleBooks, contact your local branch or call Teresa at 770.836.6711.