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Nook & other Dedicated eReaders

If you have already set up the Cloud Library on your PC and checked out a book, you are ready to transfer the book to your eReader.  Skip to Step 2.

Step 1

To install the Cloud Library on your PC, download the software for PC here.  For help opening the software and checking out a book on your PC click here.  

Step 2

Once you have checked out a book from the 3M Cloud Library onto your PC and are ready to transfer the book to your eReading device, use your USB cable to connect your device to the computer.  Your eReading device should be on before you plug it into the computer in order for it to be recognized by the computer.

Step 3

In the 3M Cloud Library, in the My Books tab, the software should be recognizing your device, and now there should be a green “download to device” button for your book.

Step 4

Click the green “download to device” button for the book you wish to transfer to your eReader.  You may need to re-affirm your adobe ID at this time.  If the Cloud Library detects that you already have an Adobe ID on your eReader, select that ID when prompted.  The book will then transfer quickly, and alert you when complete.

Step 5

Properly eject your eReader from the computer!  You are ready to read your book.  You will have the regular reading functions of your eReader for this book.  Some eReaders may file the title under the folder “Digital Editions.”

Step 6

If you want to check in  your eBook early, you must do so through the 3M Cloud Library Browsing Website.  Detailed instructions are here.



If you need additional help logging in and using 3M Cloud Library:

Getting Started (Logging in)
Overview of App Features (your account, searching for books)
Using the 3M Cloud Library Web App (to locate & check out a book)
Check Out a Book (Lending Periods, Limits)
Reading a Book on the Computer
Transfer a Book to Your Reading Device  (includes compatible devices)
Placing Holds
Return a Book Early
Using More Than One Reading Device
Sharing a Computer with Others?

Click here for 3M video tutorials and other information.  For personal assistance, please contact your local library branch.

Compatible with Transfer

These are the devices that we know are compatible with transfer from the computer so far. Please make sure your device is fully updated!

Literati Reader
Sony eReader–older models only, not the newest Sony eReaders like model PRS-T1.
Kobo Reader

Workarounds for incompatible readers:

Here are the solutions we have at this time:


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