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Returning an eBook Early

On the My Books screen, click on the “list view” button (circled in red).

Click the red “Check In” button next to the book you are ready to check in.


For PCs & dedicated eReaders (eg. Nook Simple):

Please use our 3M Browsing Website (as opposed to the PC app) for early checkin.  (You’ll see the login link on the far right side of the screen.)

Please note that checking the book in on your account does not remove the book you have loaded to your eReader (such as a Nook).  You will need to open and delete those books manually from your eReader.

While this will vary slightly by device, the general idea is the same.

1. Plug your eReader into the computer.
2. When the AutoPlay dialog box comes up, choose “Open device to view files.” If the AutoPlay box does not appear, go to Start–>My Computer, and click on the device.
3. Click into the storage on your device, and into the folder on the device where the ebook is stored (on many devices this folder is called Digital Editions).
4. Delete the file for the book.


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