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Nook HD/Tablet

Instructions for Nook HD/Tablet

Step 1:

Using your device, click here to download the Nook HD Tablet app.

Step 2:

Select your State & Library.

–Enter Card #.  Your library card must begin with 21057.  If it does not, please ask for a free replacement card at your branch library.  Important: Please use your 14-digit PINES library card number when logging into the 3M Cloud Library, even if you have changed your PINES account username.

–Enter PIN.  If you don’t have a PIN, please visit your branch library with your library card and photo ID to obtain your library PIN.

–End User License Agreement – Read & Tap “Agree.”

–Tap “Login.” Begin Browsing!

Step 3:

When you locate a book you like, click on the green checkout button. The book will immediately appear in the “My Books” section of your account.  You may then begin reading!

Step 4:

OPTIONAL If you need additional help logging in and using 3M Cloud Library:


Click here for 3M video tutorials and other information.  For personal assistance, please contact your local library branch.