Christian Fiction for Kids

Easy Books (picture books)

E BISHO The Princess & the Kiss
E BRISC Caleb’s Colt
E DAVOL Christopher Churchmouse
E HARTM Who Brought the Bread?
E HUNT The True Princess
E LOWRY Nighttime is just Daytime with Your Eyes Closed
E LUCAD Alabaster’s Song
A Hat for Ivan
If only I had a Green Nose
Jacob’s Gift
Just in Case You Ever Wonder
The Oak inside the Acorn
Small Gift in God’s Hands
The Way Home
You are Mine
You are Special

E NYSTR Who is Jesus?
E OBRIE I’d be Your Hero
I’d be Your Princess

E OKE Making Memories
Spunky’s First Christmas
I Wonder, Did Jesus have a Pet Lamb?
What does Love Look Like?

E PERET All is Well
E SMITH Cow series
Higby series
Riley O’Smiley
The Scarecrow & the Spider

E TILLM On the Night You Were Born
E WALSH Gigi, God’s Little Princess

Chapter Book Series (Juvenile Fiction)

J FIC BYRD “Hidden Diary”
J FIC FINLE “Elsie Dinsmore”
J FIC GROTE “American Adventure”
J FIC JACKS “Trailblazer”
J FIC JENKI “Red Rock Mysteries”
“Young Tribulation Force”

J FIC JOHNS “Adventures of the North woods”
J FIC KATZ “Spinechillers”
J FIC LAHAY “Left Behind: the Kids”
J FIC LEE “Ladd Family Adventure”
J FIC LEPPA “Mandie”
“Young Mandie Mystery”

J FIC LEWIS “Cul-de-Sac Kids”
“Holly’s Heart”

J FIC LORD “Sarah Tabitha Bigbee”
J FIC LOUGH “American Adventure”
J FIC LUTZ “American Adventure”
J FIC MACKA “Horse Gentler”
J FIC MILLE “American Adventure”
J FIC MORRI “Time Navigators”
J FIC MORTE “Landon Snow”
J FIC MURPH “3 Cousins Detective Club”
J FIC MYERS “Bloodhounds, Inc.”
“Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle”

J FIC OKE animal stories
J FIC PERET “Cooper Kids Adventure”
J FIC PRYOR “American Adventure”
J FIC REECE “American Adventure”
J FIC SCHUL “Ginger”
“Twelve Candles Club”