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Bowdon Library Genealogy Resources

This is a guide to some basic genealogy resources that relate to Carroll County.  They are located in Special Collections at the Warren P. Sewell Library of Bowdon.



Carroll County 1880

Carroll County Census 1880

975.839 EIGHT

This census book is in alphabetical order.

Other Dates and Counties

Search the Ancestry database for all U.S. census records from 1790 to 1930.

1890 Census records were lost in a fire.  Only a fragment exists, with just a handful of names from Georgia.  You can search the few records that remain using Ancestry.

Census records for 1940 will not be available until 2012, for privacy reasons. Census records for 1950 will be made available in 2022, and so on.


Church Histories

Bethesda Baptist Church, 1849-1949 975.839 WORD

Bowdon United Methodist Church (1978) 287.675839 HISTO

Shiloh United Methodist Church, 1856-2006 287.675839 SHILO

Victory Methodist Church SP 287.675839 THEY


Deeds and Mortgages

The clerk of court at the Carroll County courthouse has more deed books and their indexes.

Carroll County, Georgia Abstract of Deed Book 929.375839 WORD

v.1 1827-1836

v.2 1836-1843

v.3 1843-1855


Family Histories

Individual family histories are shelved at 929.2, alphabetical by family name.


Local Histories

Towns in Carroll County

Bowdon College: a Glorious History
SP 929.375839 BOWDO

Bowdon Has a Centennial (1954)
SP 975.839 DIGBY

Bowdon, the First Hundred Years, 1853-1953: A Pictorial History
975.839 BOWDO

The History of Bowdon College
SP 929.375839 CAS

Looking Back: Historical Sights of Bowdon Area Students
975.839 LOOKI

The March of Time (Bowdon, 1938-1946) 975.839 WHATL

The March of Time and Other Selected Columns (Bowdon, 1946-1951)
975.839 BIRD

At Home in Carrollton: A History Illustrated, 1827-1994 975.839 AT

My Small-Town Home Town, Roopville, Georgia (1985)
929.375839 HUFF

Several of the books listed below also have sections on towns in Carroll County. 

Carroll County

Georgia’s Last Frontier; the Development of Carroll County (1971) 975.839 BONNE

The Heritage of Carroll County, Georgia, 1826-2001  929.375839 HERIT

Letters from a T-Model Dad to His Space-Age Sons by O.B. Copeland COPELAND COP

Looking Back: A Pictorial History of Carroll County (1996)  975.839 LOOKI

Memorable Times During a Fortunate Journey by O.B. Copeland COPELAND COP

The Sesquicentennial-Bicentennial Edition of the Carroll County Story (1976)
975.839 SESQU



Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of Bowdon from 1911 and 1922 are available on the library computers, through the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map database in GALILEO.



Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia
929.3758 ROSTE

Index to War of 1812 Service Records for Volunteer Soldiers from Georgia
929.3758 INDEX

Georgia in the War, 1861-1865: A Compendium of Georgia Participants
973.7458 JON

Carroll County, Georgia Civil War units, 1861-1865
975.839 BARRO

Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865: Index
REF 929.3758 ROSTE

World War II Ordinary Heroes, Carroll County, Georgia
940.5481 MARTI V.1 and V. 2

You can also search for military records, especially Civil War records and World War I draft cards, in the Ancestry database on the library’s computers.



Bowdon Bulletin 1913 – 1999
On microfilm.

For other years, contact the Neva Lomason Memorial Library in Carrollton at (770) 836-6711 to see if they have the year you need.



Bowdon High School yearbooks 1947 – 2001

West Georgia College yearbooks 1958 – 1981

For more yearbooks, check with the library or media center at the particular school.