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Hi-Lo Books for Teens

High-Interest / Low Reading Level



The Afterlife by Gary Soto
A senior at East Fresno High School lives on as a ghost after his brutal murder in the restroom of a club where he has gone to dance.


Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix
In a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his family’s farm, until another “third” convinces him that the government is wrong.


Bluford Series (find them under YA Fic Bluford)
Follow the lives of a group of inner-city high school students and read about stories of family, friendship, trust, isolation, violence, and peer pressure.


Camp Wild by Pam Withers

Can Wilf survive the river?


Cellular by Ellen Schwartz

When Brendan is diagnosed with leukemia, his life is turned upside down. With a smothering family and distant friends, all seems hopeless until he meets Lark, terminally ill, yet full of life.


A Certain October by Angela Johnson
After a terrible accident, Scotty feels responsible for the death of someone she hardly knew and struggles with her own reality while her friends and family deal with their own troubles.


Charmed by Carrie Mac

Izzy finds she is one in a long line of girls en-snared in prostitution, with no way to escape.


Conspiracy 365: January by Gabrielle Lord
On New Year’s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a sick man with a deadly warning. Hurled into a life on the run, the fifteen-year-old fugitive is iso-lated and alone. He has 365 days.


Crush by Carrie Mac

Just when she thinks she knows who she is, Hope falls in love and her world turns over.


Cut by Patricia McCormick
While confined to a mental hospital, fifteen-year-
old Callie slowly comes to understand some of the reasons behind her self-mutilation, and grad-ually starts to get better.


Dead Run by Sean Rodman
Wanting to become a world-class cyclist, Sam ends up working as a courier delivering packag-es for a criminal organization and is soon running for his life.


Deadly by Sarah N. Harvey
When Amy wakes up alone after a party with her boyfriend, she must figure out a way to escape while following instructions in a bizarre letter from her kidnapper.


Emako Blue by Brenda Woods
Emako Blue was supposed to be a star. She was destined for greatness, already plucked from South Central Los Angeles by the record producers. She was only fifteen when she died.


Exit Point by Laura Langston

Death is only the beginning.


Exposure by Patricia Murdoch

Julie is presented with a perfect opportunity to get back at her tormentor.


Fastback Beach by Shirlee Matheson

On probation for car theft, Miles has to stand up to his friends and do the right thing.


The First Part Last by Angela Johnson
Bobby’s carefree teenage life changes forever when he becomes a father and must care for his adored baby daughter.


First Time by Meg Tilly
Sixteen-year-old Haley must deal with unwanted advances from her mother’s new boyfriend.


Home Invasion by Monique Polak

Josh is not happy that he has a new stepfather and begins entering homes to observe “regular families.”


Juice by Eric Walters

The story of a high school football team that is tempted by the devil of the sports world: steroids.


Masked by Norah McClintock
Daniel enters a convenience store on a secret mission. When Rosie shows up, she’s hoping to make a quick getaway with her boyfriend, but then a masked person comes in, and things get complicated.


My Time as Caz Hazard by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

When Caz’s behavior seems to contribute to a classmate’s suicide, she must take a hard look at her life.


No More Pranks by Monique Polak

Pete has to pull the most important prank of his life to bring about justice.


No Problem by Dayle Campbell Gaetz

One misstep causes Curt’s life to plummet into the depths of depression and addiction.


One Way by Norah McClintock
When Kenzie critically injures his ex-girlfriend, suspicion grows that it was not an accident, and his behavior seems to confirm it.


Overdrive by Eric Walters

When a street race goes terribly wrong, Jake must make some tough choices.


Plastic by Sarah N. Harvey
When his best friend Leah decides to have plastic surgery for her sixteenth birthday, Jack is horrified and then is determined to stop her.


Queen of the Toilet Bowl by Frieda Wishinsky

Renata learns to be proud of who she is.


Rat by Lesley Choyce
Tired of bullies at school, Colin decides to take a stand. Branded a rat, he finds that standing up for what someone believes in can be empowering.


Refuge Cove by Lesley Choyce

On a sailing trip off the Newfoundland coast, Greg stumbles upon a family stranded in a lifeboat.


Saving Grace by Darlene Ryan

Evie is determined to care for her baby – even if it means kidnapping her .


Shallow Grave by Alex Van Tol
Elliot and Shannon call forth a restless spirit when
they are forced to clean up an old boat house as
punishment for a school prank gone wrong.


Snitch by Norah McClintock
Josh had been living in a group home, but has
moved in with his brother and must learn to control
his anger.


Something Girl by Beth Goobie
15-year-old Sophie is abused by her father and has
just been dumped by her boyfriend.


Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
In this story about the perils of popularity, the courage
of nonconformity, and the thrill of first love, an
eccentric student named Stargirl changes Mica
High School forever.



Sticks and Stones by Beth Goobie
No one expects Jujube to fight back when her reputation
takes a beating.


Stuffed by Eric Walters
When Ian and his classmates watch a documentary
about the health concerns of eating fast food, Ian
decides to start a boycott and stop everyone he can
from eating at a huge fast-food chain .



Tagged by Eric Walters
Oswald, a graffiti artist nicknamed the Wiz, takes
on the city and the mayor in a fight to save the heart
of the community.


Tell by Norah McClintock
When David’s stepfather is murdered, David knows
more than he is telling.


Thunderbowl by Lesley Choyce
Jeremy wants to make it in the music business.
Does he have what it takes?


Truth by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
When a prominent person is killed at a party, many
of the town’s teenagers know who did it.


Wired by Sigmund Brouwer
Champion skier Keegan is almost hurt in a dangerous
trap set for one of his teammates.


Yellow Line by Sylvia Olsen
Trying to balance his community’s prejudice and
his own values, Vince is forced to take a stand.


Zee’s Way by Kristin Butcher
Zee is torn between making a statement and making