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Harry Potter-like Books

Alexander, Lloyd.  Chronicles of Prydain
(Book of Three, Black Cauldron, Castle of Llyr, Taran Wanderer, High King)
Taran, assistant pig-keeper, fights evil in the land of Prydain (based on Welsh legends).

Barron, T.A. Lost Years of Merlin
(Lost Years of Merlin, Seven Songs of Merlin, Fires of Merlin, Mirror of Merlin, Wings of Merlin)
The great wizard Merlin’s boyhood adventures.

Bass, L.G. Outlaws of Moonshadow Marsh
(Sign of the Qin)
Young Prince Zong battles Yamu, the god of death(based on Chinese myth).

Colfer, Eoin.  Artemis Fowl
(Artemis Fowl, Arctic Incident, Eternity Code, Opal Deception)
Artemis is a high-tech criminal mastermind who penetrates the secrets of the fairy world.

Collins, Suzanne.  Underland Chronicles
(Gregor the Overlander, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods)
Gregor falls into an underground world and
discovers his father is being held prisoner there.  Is Gregor the prophesied Overlander?

Constable, Kate.  Chanters of Tremaris
(Singer of All Songs, Waterless Sea)
Calwyn rescues an injured wizard and combines forces with him to fight Samis, an evil wizard who is trying to learn all nine magical chants.

Cooper, Susan.  Dark is Rising Sequence
(Silver on the Tree; Grey King; Greenwitch; Dark is Rising; Over Sea, Under Stone)
Will, Bran and the Drew children pit the power of Light against the evil forces of Dark (based on Arthurian and Celtic myths).

Duane, Diane.  Young Wizards
(So You Want to Be a Wizard, Support Your Local Wizard, Wizard Abroad, Wizard’s Dilemma, Wizard Alone, Wizard’s Holiday, Wizards at War)
Nita and Kit discover a library book called “So You Want To Be a Wizard” and fight the evil Lone Power once they have passed the Ordeal.

Farmer, Nancy.  Sea of Trolls
An epic medieval fantasy in which a Saxon boy with magical powers undertakes a quest.  If he fails, his sister will be sacrificed to a goddess.

Funke, Cornelia.  Inkheart
Meggie and her father, a book binder, are kidnapped by a character her father “read” to life.

Jones, Diana.  Chronicles of Chrestomanci
(Charmed Life, Lives of Christopher Chant, Witch Week, Magicians of Caprona)
The Chrestomanci, an enchanter with nine lives, has to control the practice of magic in the Twelve Related Worlds.

LeGuin, Ursula.  Earthsea Cycle
(Wizard of Earthsea, Tombs of Atuan, Farthest Shore, Tehanu, Tales from Earthsea)
Earthsea is a realm where words have magical power.  Sparrowhawk learns his true name and his fate as Earthsea’s most powerful wizard.

L’Engle, Madeleine.  Time Quartet
(Wrinkle in Time, Wind in the Door, Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters)
A series featuring the Murry children, time travel and cosmic battles between good and evil.

McKinley, Robin.  The Hero & the Crown
Aerin wins back her birthright as the daughter of a king and a witchwoman with the help of a wizard and a blue sword.

Mahy, Margaret.  The Changeover
When her baby brother seems possessed by evil spirits, Laura seeks the help of a boy at school whom she thinks has supernatural powers.

Nix, Garth.  Abhorsen Trilogy
(Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen)
Sabriel and Lirael are necromancers who fight the evil from the Land of the Dead that is threatening the Old Kingdom.

Nodelman, Perry.  The Same Place but Different
When fairies steal John’s baby sister and replace her with a Changeling, he enters the world of the Strangers to rescue her.

Oppel, Kenneth.  Airborn
Matt, a cabin boy on an airship, and Kate, a passenger, team up to search for mysterious winged creatures they have heard about.

Paolini, Christopher.  Inheritance Trilogy
(Eragon, Eldest)
Eragon finds a dragon’s egg, but can he revive the legacy of the Dragon Riders in the shadow of a dark empire?

Pratchett, Terry.  Wee Free Men
(Wee Free Men, Hat Full of Sky)
Tiffany, a resourceful but untrained 9 year old witch, teams up with 3 tiny blue elves to fight the evil Queen of Faerie.

Pullman, Philip.  His Dark Materials
(Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass)
Lyra lives in a world parallel to our own, where humans, dæmons and winged creatures co-exist.  A mysterious entity called Dust may have the power to unite the universes – if it isn’t destroyed first.

Stroud, Jonathan.  Bartimaeus Trilogy
(Amulet of Samarkand, The Golem’s Eye)
In modern London, apprentice magician Nathaniel and his all-powerful djinni Bartimaeus are caught up in mayhem and espionage.