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Books for Abused Teens


A Child Called “It”
by Dave Pelzer
(Biographies PELZER)

by Szabinka Dudevsky
(Non-Fiction 362.76 DUDEV)

Family Violence
by Ronda Armitage
(Non-Fiction 362.8292 ARMIT)

First Person Plural
by Cameron West
(Biographies WEST)

Lost Boy
by David J. Pelzer
(Biographies PELZER)

A Man Named Dave
by David J. Pelzer
(Biographies PELZER)

Margaret’s Story
by Deborah Anderson
(Non-Fiction 362.7 ANDER)

They Cage the Animals at Night
by Jennings Michael Burch
(Biographies BURCH)

Unspeakable Acts
by Greggory Morris
(Non-Fiction 362.7 MORRI)

Wayne: An Abused Child’s Story
by Wayne Theodore
(Biographies THEODORE)

We are Not Alone
by Jade Angelica
(Non-Fiction 362.76082 ANGEL)

How Long Does it Hurt?
Books for Abused Teenagers


Breaking the Chains of Abuse
by Sue Atkinson
(Non-Fiction 616.8521 ATKIN)

Everything You Need to Know When You are the Survivor
by John La Valle
(Non-Fiction 362.883 LAVAL)

Family Violence
by Ronda Armitage
(Non-Fiction 362.8292 ARMIT)

Help Yourself
by David J. Pelzer
(Non-Fiction 158.1 PELZE)

How Long Does it Hurt?
by Cynthia Mather
(Non-Fiction 362.76 MATHE)

I Can’t Get Over it
by Aphrodite Matsakis
(Non-Fiction 616.8521 MATSA)

In Their Own Words
by Lulie Munson
(Non-Fiction 362.76082 MUNSO)

Invisible Girls
by Patti Feuercisen
(Non-Fiction 362.76082 FEUER)

The Me Nobody Knows
by Barbara Bean
(Non-Fiction 616.85836 BEAN)

 Fiction (Stories)

Exit Point
by Laura Langston
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC LANGS)

Fault Line
by Janet Tashjian
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC TASHI)

Forgiving Sam
by B. P. Clark
(Fiction FIC CLARK)

by E.R. Frank
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC FRANK)

The Girl Next Door
by Jack Ketchum
(Fiction FIC KETCH)

The House Tibet
by Georgia Savage
(Fiction FIC SAVAG)

I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This
by Jacqueline Woodson
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC WOODS)

In My Bedroom
by Donna Hill
(Fiction FIC HILL)

Jumping the Scratch
by Sarah Weeks
(Children’s Fiction J FIC WEEKS)

by John MacLean
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC MAC)

No More Secrets for Me
by Oralee Wachter
(Children’s Fiction J FIC WACHT)

The Tale of One Bad Rat
by Bryan Talbot
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC TALBO)

When she Hollers
by Cynthia Voigt
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC VOIGT)

Yours Truly
by Judie Angell
(Young Adult Fiction YA FIC ANGEL)